March 12, 2011

Waiting To Be Born

Clay wall sculptures in progress.
 I spent most of today with my hands in wet clay. It was a great feeling. Sometimes I wonder if I will give it up someday in lieu of something that takes up less space and needs less equipment. But when I have a day like today, where everything is moving along effortlessly and the time passes at the speed of light, I am reminded of how much I like this medium.  

These pieces are just in their humble beginnings. There is much left to do with them. After they dry out considerably I have to paint them and fire them in the kiln. This is a long and tricky process. Sometimes it is a happy surprise and sometimes it is a big devastation. Especially if a piece explodes in the firing. I form an attachment to my work, after handling it for so long. I want them to be born, joyfully and perfect.

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Cec said...

Can't wait to see these completed! Will be thinking good thoughts for their fabulous emergence from the kiln.