March 17, 2014


I want to share a place so magical and inviting that I even hesitate to post this. It’s the home to my creative muse and I covet it dearly. It sparkles with light and color like no other gallery I have ever been too.  And it’s driving distance from my house. All good. The gallery, AWOL, Art Without Labels is just that.

AWOL is a an art collective of artists with developmental disabilities. It is located in Petaluma, CA.  The artists work with an instructor that guides them and helps them expose their natural  gifts. Paintings, ceramics, prints, wearable art, and other mixed media artworks fill the walls and shelves of this working studio/gallery space.

The world is so fortunate to have these wonderfully, talented people that share their pure artistic vision with us. I adore these paintings, now in my own collection.

I finally get it. If only I could paint this freely and purely express myself, then I would know the wonder that the artists of AWOL have already mastered. 

March 15, 2014

March 9, 2014

I Like These

Sometimes being an artist can be exhausting. My mind spins at a warp speed with dozens of ideas at one time. It is not fun. But when I can calm the flow of thought a little bit, I am able to create at a good pace. 

Here are some new small dishes that I made using the new techniques used from the recent workshop I attended. I am happy to have some new colors and surfaces to explore!

First, I created these forms using pinch pot techniques. Basically, hand-forming. Once I got into a rhythm, it was very relaxing.

After bisque firing the pieces, I used glazes and underglazes to decorate. The sky was the limit here. The colors stay true, but soften a bit. I am still learning more about this method and enjoying every minute of it.

March 2, 2014

Maiolica Watercolor Workshop

On February 22, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop taught by the lovely and talented Laurie Curtis of Point Reyes, CA. Laurie has been a ceramic artist for over 15 years and creates beautiful hadmade pottery featuring subtle and delicately painted fruit and botanical themes painted on maiolica funtional wares. Her pieces are constructed from Italian terracotta clay with a white base glaze. Motifs are painted on the surface of the unfired glaze using pigment stains and underglazes. The effect of this watercolor style painting on her pieces offers depth and uniqueness to all of her work. I really like the painterly style of this technique and wish to explore it further in my own work.

Maiolica Bowl by Laurie Curtis

Laurie Curtis' Studio

Learning new techniques from other artists and connecting with creative people really gives me a boost and inspires me to push myself in new directions. Please check out Laurie's other workshops, which she offers ongoing throughout the year. The setting is peaceful and the views are fantastic in the coastal community of Point Reyes. And Laurie is very generous with her sharing of information. Below are some photos of pieces before and after kiln firing. Also check out Laurie's video of the technique! (Links do not show up in Internet Explorer).

Tile and small bowl decorated with white glaze, stains, and underglazes before firing.

Plate decorated with white glaze, underglazes, stains and wax resist over cat figure before firing. 
Cat plate and bowl after kiln firing.

Tile before kiln firing with scraffito.