August 21, 2011

Button, button.....

Ok, so I went a bit overboard making buttons! I decided to make some of my own, when I could not find ones that I liked to embellish my jewelry and other pieces. Then the light bulb went on and I had one of those lucid moments. Here is the result so far. I made dozens of button shapes ranging from tiny to ginormous (is that a word anyone over the age of 10 should use?). Some have single holes, others multiple, but all are hand formed and imperfect. The way I figure, I will have more to choose from as I am inspired along the way and also have some to put in my Etsy store. There are a lot of options for surface decoration, so I am already spinning at those possibilities! But first these babies need to go into the kiln and to be  bisque fired. Fingers crossed, needle threaded.

August 12, 2011

Halloween & Vine Sneak Preview!

Before you know it, Halloween & Vine 2011 will be here. It is best Halloween Folk Art Show on the west coast, hosted in an old hall in Petaluma, CA. I get excited about it every year without fail right around January. This year is no exception. I have been making new pieces for months and these are a couple of wall hung sculptures that will be joining me this year. If you never have been to the show, consider coming. It is worth the trip. Here is a link to the official website: At the show you will meet approximately 32 of the greatest folk artists in the country and have a good old fashioned Halloween time!

August 3, 2011

For The Birds

In my last entry, I posted a photo of this wreath prior to kiln firing. Here it is fully glazed and ready to hang! I made several of these wreath pieces with different themes, but I like the birds so much. There is something magical about taking a piece from the initial idea, then to dimensionality, and lastly making it come to life with colors. I love the process. Sculpting these pieces is fun too and takes me away from surface painting and keeps my hands in clay. Sweet.