March 26, 2013

What's Cookin'

I’m posting this picture to dispel any visions you may have of my glamorous studio space.  For the last 27 years and still going, I have created my art from small spaces. Although I would love to have more space to create, I have made it work and work I do in my kitchen most days. Counters become just another surface to pile stuff in progress, and tabletops are another venue for ideas left over. Sometimes I like to peek into those fun magazines that feature artists’ studio spaces that appear so tidy and color coded and delightfully embellished in ribbons and cool artifacts. I wonder if they are really that organized after the camera has left the scene. For me, it’s about the creative experience. I could potentially create anywhere as this picture suggests. Perhaps one day, I will be fortunate enough to be able to combine my many supplies and projects and put them into one place with easy access. I would like that. So, if you are waiting to create your masterpiece or start your life’s work if and when you get that perfect niche, wait no longer. Today is the day!