April 19, 2012

Halloween Dishes!

I have some new Halloween dishes in my Etsy store! They are brilliant orange and black and have great retro designs hand painted on them.

April 12, 2012

New Directions

Despite the pounding rain of recent days,my pink jasmine is in full bloom! I anxiously await its brief, but spectacular awakening each spring. Too bad it's so wet outside to enjoy the fragrance.

These hearty blossoms are bursting out all over the side of my shed and have sneaked inside the walls....

wrapped around the cord to my flex shaft tool. I had to laugh when I saw this yesterday.Never underestimate the tenacity of Mother Nature!

The shed where this jasmine lives also houses my two kilns. One, now cooling off from a complete glaze firing. Here are some of the new pieces I have completely recently. I have been making plate forms and adding some dimension to them with cut outs. I like them and they are a ton of work. Here are some of the newbies.