October 30, 2012

Sacramento Arts Festival

I will be here all weekend: November 2, 3, and 4. Please go to www.sacartsfest.com  for more details. My booth number is 106. I have a lot of new work!!

October 29, 2012

Halloween Goodness

Halloween is just around the corner! I love this time of the year. The big harvest moon, the scent of wood burning and the chill in the morning air. Here in California, the real colors don’t show up until mid-November. But a girl can dream and dream I shall of my carved jack-o-lantern waiting to be born tomorrow evening. Black and orange d├ęcor for a visual feast, lots of candy for the trick or treaters, and a secret stash of chocolate for myself. Halloween,for me,  is like pancakes for dinner. It’s just plain good ol’ comfort food for the soul. Have yourself a merry little Halloween and stay out of trouble………or not!

October 20, 2012

Halloween S*A*L*E* in my Etsy Shop!

Who said the number "13" was unlucky has not been to my Etsy shop today! From today, 10/20 through Monday 10/22, you will recieve 13% off of anything in my Etsy shop. Please enter the coupon code : LUCKY13 after you add something to your cart and hit the "Apply" button to receive the discount. ( you will see this link on the upper right side of the screen).

Here's the link to my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sharonbloom?ref=search_shop_redirect

Happy Halloween and may the spirit of the Great Pumpkin live in your heart forever!!

October 7, 2012

Halloween & Vine Virtual Tour

It was early Saturday on the morning of September 29, 2012. There was a bit of autumn in the misty air and gray sky over Petaluma, CA.  Dedicated show goers, patrons, collectors and Halloween enthusiasts lined up to burst into the doors of Hermann Sons Hall at 9 a.m., although it was barely 6:45 when I arrived on the scene. Wrapped in blankets with big smiles, these folks waited joyfully and patiently for some Halloween magic that only happens once a year in the form of Halloween & Vine.

This folk art show has been going on for many years now, transforming itself each year into a heightened level of craft by its many talented artists from all over the U.S.A. and Canada. I am proud to been among the chosen ones to participate and experience this event in all of its glory.

I attempted to capture the energy and beauty of this folk art show for those of you who live too far to attend, could not make it to the show this year, or have never heard about it. The photos I am sharing with you are just a fraction of what was really on display and only some of the artists. I was not able to capture quite everyone's display, but I did my best. It is an appetizer to Halloween goodness  that will leave you wanting more.  To learn more about the artists and the show, please vist the Halloween & Vine website. Enjoy the tour!
Hermann Sons Hall

Patient attendees.
A good witch.


The crowd gathers.

Lighting from the ceiling of the hall.

Stephanie Sherratt

Christy Silacci
Add caption

Michelle Legler

Len Bentham

Jorge de Rojas
Dennis Haynes

Vergie Lightfoot
Sharon Bloom

Jenny Hernandez and daughter

Gabrielle Acevedo

Nancy Aldabe

Amelia Schaefer

Kimberly Edgar

Tina Haller

Gothic Rose Antiques

Iva Wilcox
Christina Orr

Kerry Howard Schmidt

David H. Everett

Susie Scott

Sue Smith

Will Bezek

Charles Batte

Maria Grimes