March 22, 2011

The Class

Beeswax blocks.
As mentioned, I went to Mendocino to take an encaustic painting class from Cynthia Schildhauer. There were five of us brave souls ready to jump into the waxy world of beeswax and accompanying mediums, colors and a plethora of collage materials. It was a wild ride for me as I was gently pushed away from my familiar comfort zone of the narrative imagery to the less comfortable area of non-representational art. 

This concept was challenging and sometimes I resisted it. Upon reflection, I am looking forward to moving forward with this medium and interpreting it in my own way. Anything goes and will go when I get going!


Christine Phelps said...

Sharon those are fantastic - I love them! Can't wait to see more!!!! Once I take my painting with plaster class we need to do a painting trade!!!

Sharon Bloom said...

Thanks Christine! I value your comments. I would love to do a trade with you. That is something I look forward to!