March 8, 2011

Show & Tell

I was very excited to stumble on this dvd: COLLAGE:  Paper, Patterns & Glazing with Anne Bagby.
After viewing it a couple of times I was excited about making my own collage papers. This is a dvd that is a mix of fine arts and craft. It is apparent that Anne Bagby has a fine art background, but has used contemporary materials to create her own look that is unique unto her. I have been exploring more methods lately and working in a frenzy of directions. I hope to incorporate some of these new learned techniques in my own work.


Christine Phelps said...

This looks very interesting - I like the "works fast and free" part - that is something I need to work on. Just letting the process happen instead of always trying to control the outcome.
Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Bloom said...

Good point Christine. Letting it happen often leads to amazing outcomes. Anne Bagby glides through her process effortlessly and makes something wonderful from a few basic materials.